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Морской бизнес-центр 1

Marine Business Center -1

Str. Bunin, 10

Class: A

Floors: 10 floors

The area of ​​the business center: 8 300 sq.m.

Total office area: 4300 sq. m.

Морской бизнес-центр 1


Polish descent, 11

Class: A

Floors: 10 floors

Area Business Center 26 200 sq.m.

Total office area of 16 200 square meters. m.


as the owner of class «A» commercial real estate is one of the main and largest owners of office space in Odessa.

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The thirteen-, eleven- and four-storey office buildings are located in the historical center of Odessa, close to the Sea Port, Bunin Street and Polskyi Descent.

The historical part of the city, where the buildings are situated, attracts both visitors and residents by its focus on business. And the maritime zone, where the Business Center stands, has brought together some of the most important companies of the international trade city.

Thus, all who would like to rent an office in the business center of the city lease an office in Odessa in general can take advantage of the following of MBC

 One of the highest percent of leased commercial space with a total area of ​​40’000 square meters;

 High level of professional services, as evidenced by the list of long-time lessees;

 Continuous development, equipment and utilities update, and introduction of modern technologies.

Potential lessees that have ever turned to ads on renting an office in Odessa are attracted by the following advantages of MBC;

Convenient location —traffic interchange, quick access by personal and public transport;

KONE high-speed elevators, air conditioning system with a chiller and FCUs, in-house roof gas boiler system, combined extract-and-input system of ventilation for each floor, structured cable network, and the best Internet service providers;

Security increased round-the-clock security, CCTV, modern fire alarm and firefighting system, panic alarm serviced by the Ministry of Emergencies;

Three car parks — an underground three-level car park and two ground car parks, as well as a parking place for bicycles;

 Professional management company — a round-the-clock maintenance service. Financial and legal support for the duration of the lease.

 Special offers for companies-lessees, discounts and promotions.

Everyone who chooses to become a client of MARITIME BUSINESS CENTER LTD to lease an office in Odessa will be given great opportunities with additional comforts, namely professional partnership relations with tenants, sensible and clear workflow, comfortable space for customers for various campaigns and presentations.

For the convenience of the tenants and their guests the MBS LTD buildings house bank branches, insurance companies, travel agencies, medical centers, beauty parlors, lobby bars, a car wash, news stall, and POS terminals.

We offer offices for rent or lease in the business center of Odessa on the most favorable terms, using the all-inclusive principle!

Another advantage of the business center, for those who are going to rent an office in Odessa, is the infrastructure and the panoramic view of most of the attractions of our city. This means that an office in our center allows not only to show your high-endness to your partners, but also to feel the flair inherent to one of the main business districts of Odessa. Occupying a prestigious place in our business center, our tenants will always have confidence in the development of their own business.

Any company, be it a small newcomer or a famous international holding,can rent an office in the business center of Odessa

Buildings of MARITIME BUSINESS CENTER LTD offer premises various in area that can serve as a single office or united block of offices. By turning to us, you will not have to spend your time and energy on placing ads like "looking for an office for rent in Odessa." By calling us or leaving an application online, you will save time, which is so important for your company. Only with us you will find a new comfortable office in a single day. Only with our helping hand your business will get on a promising path of rapid development and success!





Technical information

The building design features

— Effective open plan of the floors. A construction with structural columns, the post spacing is 6х6 m.

— The permissible inter-floor construction loading is 400 kg/m. The clear ceiling height is not less 2.7 - 2.8.


Technological infrastructure

— Buildings of MARITIME BUSINESS CENTER are equipped with a combined extract-and-input system of ventilation for each floor;

— Air conditioning and heating at MARITIME BUSINESS CENTER are maintained by means of a chiller and FCU system. The temperature control in the rooms and corridors is done via consoles with individual zone control;

— KONE high-speed elevators — two passenger ones and a service elevator in Building 1, four passenger elevators and a service one in Building 2.


Security system

In order to keep our tenants and their guests safe at MARITIME BUSINESS CENTER we have:

— Increased round-the-clock security, access control in offices and industrial premises;

— 24/7 of the car park, the business center buildings and on their outer perimeter; control of entry and exit of vehicles;

— Cooperation between the Ministry of Interior bodies and the security service of the whole complex;

— A panic alarm on the object.

Fire safety at MARITIME BUSINESS CENTER LTD is maintained by flawless work of a fire alarm, designed and installed in accordance with the current rules and regulations. All floors of the building are equipped with fire detectors and smoke extraction, warning and evacuation management systems. On each floor there are four fire cabinets with fire extinguishers and fire hoses. Fire alarm has an output to the central console of the Ministry of Emergencies.

Communications means

- Dedicated telephone lines

- High-speed Internet access (several service providers)


Location and contacts



Our address:

65026 Odessa, Prymorskyi District

Building 1 — 10 Bunin Str.

Building 2 — 11 Polskyi Descent

Building 4 — 13 Polskyi Descent

We cherish the confidential information of our tenants!